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We are a team of dedicated professionals focused on providing customized renewable energy solutions that fit our customers’ needs. As your partner, Bluestem Energy Solutions will get to know your unique situation and engineer the best strategy for you.

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Bluestem Origins

Bluestem Energy Solutions grew out of a construction company that was founded in 1924. Bluestem’s current vision originated from our first two turbine wind farm, and had been expanding ever since. Today we practice our time-honored values of stewardship, sustainability, and innovation.

Sutherland Hydroelectric Dam 1935

What Bluestem Customers are Saying

  • “We feel this opportunity will have a positive impact on our environment, our students, economic development and the skilled labor force needed for our communities. CCC has enjoyed working with the City of Hastings, Hastings Utilities and Bluestem over the last few years to complete this project.”

    Bill Hitesman Central Community College President
  • “Bluestem’s price, coupled with the value that we can receive through the sale of energy and wind attributes, such as the renewable energy certificates that we will receive from the project, will save money.”

    Jamey Pankoke General Manager, Perennial PPD
  • “Bluestem brings quality work from their long experience combined strong relationships and delivered with integrity.”

    Roy Palk Former Assistant General Manager of NRECA
  • “Loup’s venturing into a wind power contract with Bluestem Energy for locally produced wind power was a big and exciting move. I believe it was a prudent step into the future and trust that future Boards will appreciate the experience.”

    Ted Thieman Retired Board Member of Loup Public Power