Blue State Energy Policy is Driving Red State Economic Development

 In Wind

Cap-and-trade-style programs like California’s Low-Carbon Fuel Standard are presenting an opportunity to the Midwest. The California LCFS aims to reduce green house gas emissions and essentially puts a per-gallon premium on biofuels imported from out-of-state with lower carbon intensities than conventional gasoline or diesel fuel.

One way to lower carbon intensity under LCFS is to build renewable electricity generation on site or adjacent to biorefineries.

Bluestem is working with Perenial Public Power to do just that.

“Adam Herink, vice president of Bluestem Energy Solutions, describes it as a win-win-win model. “The local distribution utility is able to go through a partnership with Bluestem. We take on the operational risk, the debt and financial risk. We allow that local utility to make that transformative decision to stay in the 21st century and offer their largest and best industrial customers what they need.” Bluestem is technology agnostic, he adds, and will work with local distribution utilities to determine which combination of wind, solar or natural gas will work best.”

Click here to read the whole story featured in the July issue of Ethanol Producer Magazine.

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