Bluestem Energy Solutions will conduct a feasibility study for the City of Edgerton, Wisc.

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OMAHA, Neb. — Bluestem Energy Solutions will conduct a feasibility study to evaluate the potential for renewable energy development for the City of Edgerton, Wisc., as the municipality works to reduce its operational costs and looks for new economic development opportunities. The Bluestem study, for which Edgerton has no financial or contractual obligation, will include an analysis of the city’s energy usage patterns and costs. That information and other data will then be used to assess the economic feasibility of renewable energy projects that will help reduce energy costs while providing a reliable source of energy for key city services. “The city has had great success with the solar installation on the City Hall building saving taxpayers thousands of dollars each year while providing clean energy. We hope the analysis of

power generating opportunities at other city facilities will produce similar results,” said city administrator Ramona Flanigan. “We want Edgerton to be a community that attracts businesses because we have been proactive in the development of renewable energy opportunities.” If the City and Bluestem determine renewable energy projects in Edgerton are realistic, development would proceed under a public-private partnership similar to what the company has done with public partners elsewhere.

Building local, clean energy represents economic opportunities for the community in the form of construction jobs, tax revenues, and economic development. Especially as more companies develop and execute their own sustainable energy goals, low-carbon energy resources are proving increasingly important in the site-selection process. Companies including Facebook, Google and Microsoft have committed to or achieved 100% renewable energy initiatives in recent years and have adjusted their site selection and energy procurement processes accordingly.

“Bluestem is working in many states across the country and we have a good idea of which communities are situated for success when it comes to our business model,” Bluestem Energy Consultant Jake Griggs said. “Edgerton has a lot of positive attributes, which is why we are very fortunate to be partnering with the community on this project.”

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