Federal policies are credited for Americans conserving water in their homes like never before

 In Wind

According to a report from the United States Geological Survey, from 1980-2015 Americans’ water use fell 27% meaning we are conserving water like never before. According to The Washington Post, “In per capita terms, domestic water use has plummeted from 112 gallons per day in 1980 to just 82 gallons in 2015.”  Domestic water use is water used for indoor and outdoor household purposes.

The Washington Post also Cites that, “It’s worth pointing out that domestic water use accounts for just a tiny fraction of overall American water consumption, on the order of about 1 percent. Thermoelectric power (e.g., steam-driven electric turbines) accounts for 41 percent of all water use, while irrigation for crops eats up another 37 percent.”

Read the full article from the Washington Post.

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