10 Years of Bluestem Energy Solutions

Bluestem Energy Solutions is celebrating its tenth anniversary as a developer of renewable energy solutions.

In 2012, President Jon Crane founded Bluestem Energy Solutions to independently develop renewable energy solutions for public utilities, municipalities, and investor utilities. Bluestem developed its first wind project in Springview, Nebraska, and now develops utility-scale wind, solar, and battery storage projects across the nation.

Since its inception in the fall of 2012, the company has been a trusted turnkey partner to power providers. As a developer, owner, and operator of renewable energy solutions, the Bluestem team delivers customized solutions to fit the unique needs of utilities. With a mission to empower communities through renewable energy solutions, Bluestem develops projects that enable local economic growth, community engagement, and educational programs.

“Bluestem is in the business of long-term relationships,” said Crane. “The reason we have thrived over the past ten years is that we place the highest importance on the needs of our utility partners.”

Over its first ten years in business, Bluestem has stood out in the renewable energy space with exceptional development capabilities and innovative technology. One of Bluestem’s latest projects in Burt County, Nebraska, represents the first solar and utility-scale battery storage system to be built in tandem in the state.  The Tesla Megapack battery storage system enables the solar facility to become a dispatchable resource during peak hours.

The renewable energy company looks forward to continuing to empower communities and serve utility partners in the years to come.

“To our partners: we are honored to have your trust, and we will work to continue to deserve it,” said Crane. “To the Bluestem team, our customers, and friends, I thank you for believing in Bluestem’s mission.”