Kilgore Wind (Stock Photo) Edited

Community Impact

Helping Proactive Utilities For The Good Of Their Communities

We look to support and strengthen each community we operate in by generating clean energy, protecting the local ecosystem, and leaving a positive impact on the local economy. Working with Bluestem provides communities with clean electricity, but beyond that, it also enables economic growth, community engagement, and educational programs. With each development, we look to include community members every step of the way.

A Bluestem supervisor working with a local craftsman.

Hiring Local

Bluestem places a high value on community involvement and aims to include local workers in each and every project we develop. From construction, to subcontracting, to long-term operations and maintenance, Bluestem is committed to hiring locally. Similarly, by opening a service center within a customer’s territory, Bluestem has provided the local community with new job opportunities, as well as supplementing our O&M capabilities.


Strengthening Local Economies

Each of our developments provide local landowners a dependable, long-term revenue stream. These renewable energy developments also contribute significant property tax revenue over the life of the project. By generating tens of thousands of dollars in tax payments and landowner lease payments annually, Bluestem’s developments directly benefit the community and the local economy.


Empowering Community Participation

Working with community stakeholders and taking part in open information sessions are important steps in our development process. From leading facility tours to enabling the development of clean energy curricula for local schools, Bluestem is dedicated to engaging with local communities.


Environmental Approach

With every development, Bluestem carefully accounts for local wildlife and ecology through our responsible siting process. When installing solar, we often replace turf grass and gravel with pollinator-friendly ground cover, which encourages the growth of native plants and species. Most importantly, our wind and solar projects contribute to improved air quality in each community we serve by replacing some of the need for fossil fuels.